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latest comic: MOVED, RESTARTED!!!


BOY is back, and updating at least once a day! Wow.

I'll keep this rate up until I finish Chapter 3 [so for the next week-ish], then I'll stick to twice a week. The rate at which I post pages is liable to change depending on how busy I am over the next ... until I finish the comic. |: I'd like to keep things fairly steady, though. This has been a serious learning experience, and I'm not ready to give it up quite yet. Haha.

In other news, I'm planning on revamping the Staff page at some point. Because. Haha. It's kind of terrible. Not sure how I want to do that. If you have any ideas, mention it in a comment or something. |D I'm not sure how I plan on going about it ... though I was just hit with inspiration. Maybe. Maybe uh, maybe I'll go with what I just thought of.

ANYWAY. I'm off to work on commissions.

Fanart Page

The fanart page is officially up and running!

Everything should be up to date. If it isn't, please let me know. C:

Character pages & Updates.

Just a reminder, updates are once a week until further notice. [Fridays, if all goes as planned]

I've started adding stuff to the character pages! I'm behind on busts, but I'll start getting more up.

Also, 225 fans, wow! I wanted to do something at 222 but I was on the road, so I was unable to. :C I'll do something soon though. Everything's crazy right now.

Thanks for all the support! C:


BOY is back, if you hadn't figured it out. ;D

Not sure how consistent the updates'll be for the next two weeks - I want to try to make sure I'm well ahead before I leave for all of August. That way I can keep posting while I'm out of state. |D

Speaking of which, updates for August will likely be no more than one or two pages a week.

Anyway! Thanks to everyone for the 200 fans!

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