Full of profanity, sex, rivalry, and food. All brands of love and gender; please keep your mind open. Updates thrice a week. [Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays]


Name: Calixto Marez
Age: 20
Position: Teppan Chef
Info: A young man fresh out of culinary school.
He's just started working at UENO, a Japanese Teppanyaki-style restaurant.

Name: Aiya Ueno
Age: 21
Position: Waitress
Info: Daughter of Yukiko and Takeshi Ueno, and Kaede's older sister.
She works at her parent's restaurant as a waitress, but has bigger dreams.

Name: Gregory "Gray" Wundt-Lehrer
Age: 23
Position: Busboy [Bartender when needed]
Info: Aiya's best friend, Gray is the other half of the "Dastardly Duo."
He appears to have a severe dislike for Kaede.
No one seems to know much about him outside of work.

Name: Elly Breckenridge
Age: 29
Position: Head Chef [Bartender when needed]
Info: A strict, no-bullshit type of woman, Elly keeps the staff in check.
She's originally from London, though no one is quite sure why she made the move.

Name: Kaede Ueno
Age: 19
Position: Teppan Chef
Info: A bitter, unhappy-seeming boy. No one seems to get along with him.
The son of Yukiko and Takeshi Ueno, he's the Aiya's younger brother.

Name: Bennie Lane
Age: 22
Occupation:Waitress at Dream's Diner
Info: A cheerful [though mysterious] person, Bennie works nights at Dream's Diner.
Seems to be close with Calixto.

Name: ???
Age: ???
Info: ???

Name: ???
Age: ???
Info: ???